Ray Tadena Image

Ray Tadena Image

Sa Bom Nim Rabon Tadena

Head Instructor

Sa Bom Nim Tadena began his Tang Soo Do training at the age of fourteen.  In his mid twenties, he was diagnosed with a neurological disorder and turned to local Master Tang Soo Do Instructor, Thomas Dixson. It was through his training with Master Dixson, that Sa Bom Nim Tadena not only developed his skill, but opened the pathway to healing with his condition. Physically challenged by his illness, Sa Bom Nim Tadena was still able to compete in countless mainstream competitions. Sa Bom Nim Tadena has stayed true to the teachings of Master Dixson through his own instruction. 

Sa Bom Nim Tadena began his school, Tadena Tang Soo Do, in 2001. The true testimony of his skill lies within his students.


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