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Welcome to Tadena Tang Soo Do

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Tadena Tang Soo Do opened in February 2001. Our classes are offered through the City of Sacramento Dept. of Parks & Recreation and held in the gymnasium of Genevieve Didion school. Tadena Tang Soo Do joined the Hwa Rang World Tang Soo Do Federation headed by Grandmaster Ho Sik Pak in Tarzana California. The examination and promotion of the schools first students to the rank of 1st Dan also took place that same year.

Tadena Tang Soo Do has hosted many Martial arts tournaments in the Sacramento area, beginning with the GSKA from 2005 through 2008 and most recently with the CBBL. As we grow into the future, the Tadena Tang Soo Do School continues to offer quality traditional instruction to individuals and families throughout the Sacramento area.

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Our Mission

Tadena Tang Soo Do is dedicated in providing quality instruction of the traditional Korean and Chinese art of Tang Soo Do. Through tradional training, students develop self-defense skills and abilities, enhance their physical well being and fitness, while building personal character through the discipline of the art.