How to Register On-Line - Tutorial

These are the instructions on how to register on-line each month for Tadena Tang Soo Do classes.
Please note: The images below were taken from the City of Sacramento's website on July 3rd 2013 and were accurate at the time of writing these instructions. If the webpage has changed and these instructions are no longer valid, please let us know.

Click on "Martial Arts" from the Courses list on the left.


Locate the Tang Soo Do Course

Click on the "Complex" Filter that currently says '(All)'


Select "Genevieve Didion ES"


From this list, select the course that you would like to pay for. They are listed by dates, with the most current at the top. Be sure to select the correct times. Click "Add" to purchase a class. Please note: You can purchase as many classes that are available in one checkout. There are generally about 3 months listed at a time.